PostgreSQL Conference Europe

PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2012 is over. Please see the site for the 2013 edition for the upcoming conference!

Last years conference

PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2012 was held on October 23-26 in Prague, The Czech Republic, at the Corinthia hotel. You can expect three days packed with presentations about PostgreSQL and related technologies, one day of extended trainings, and the usual hallway and social track!

The 2010 registration desk
Ed Boyajian
Closing session 2009
Simon Phipp
Audience during PGDay.EU 2010
Audience during PGDay.EU 2010
Preparing nametags for PGDay.EU 2010
Playing chess with PostgreSQL
Closing session 2010
Audience during PGDay.EU 2009
Audience during PGDay.EU 2010


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