PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2012 will be held at the Corinthia Hotel in Prague, The Czech Republic.


The conference venue itself is a hotel. This hotel provides a special rate for conference attendees, which also gives you the easiest possible access to the conference, being just an elevator ride away!

The rate we have negotiated includes Internet access and breakfast, which are normally not included in the hotel rates. It is available from Oct 22 to Oct 27, for those who want to stay a bit extra. The rate for a standard room (which the hotel calls Superior room) is EUR 99 / night, excluding VAT. The rate is flexible and allows cancellation up to one month before the conference at no charge, and up to one week before the conference at the cost of one night.

Note that as of Sep 22nd, the rooms in our block has been released to outside visitors as well. Our rate is still available, but subject to general availability at the hotel.

Note: As of Oct 9th, the hotel has been sold out. There are no more rooms available to book on our rate. You attempt contacting the hotel to be put on a reserve list in case somebody cancels their reservation, but we strongly advise you to book a rate at a different hotel as a backup plan.

For those interested in sharing rooms to keep the cost down, a wiki page has been created to coordinate room sharing.


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Local transport

The hotel is located right next to a subway station Vysehrad. If you're using public transport, subway is the best choice. To get to the hotel, you have to cross the green bridge over the highway.


There are several ticket options - with the cheaper ones you can't change the lines, the time period is very short etc. Generally it's not worth it - just buy the full ticket (32 CZK for 90 minutes that allows you to change lines) or the 1-day (110 CZK) or 3-day pass (310 CZK). The tickets are valid for all buses, trams and subways in the city. If you want to go far outside the city you need different tickets (sold by the drivers).

The system maps are available at the PDP site (the company that operates buses, trams and subways).

The subway stops running after midnight but there are night buses and trams - buses 504, 505 and 510 and trams 53 and 55 stop about 500m from the hotel.

Arriving by air

Prague is served by a single international airport, the Prague Ruzyně International Airport, airport code PRG. The airport is served by many international carriers both inside and outside Europe. The Czech Republic is part of the Schengen zone, so travellers within the zone does not need immigration processing.

The transport from the Prague airport is quite simple. The bus station is right in front of the arrival hall, you can take one of two lines - 119 or AE (Airport Express). Buy either a 90-minute (32 CZK), 1-day (110 CZK) ticket or 3-day (310 CZK) ticket, depending on how often you expect to travel by public transport. The airport express line is paid separately (50 CZK). Mark the ticket (small yellow boxes) and keep it.

The line 119 runs frequently (each 10 minues), is cheaper but the route is a bit more complex. Take the bus to the terminal station Dejvicka (~ 20 minutes), switch to subway line "A" (green line) and go to station Museum (5 stops, ~10 minutes). Switch to line "C" (red oline) and go to station Vysehrad (2 stops, ~3 minutes) from platform 2.

The AE (Airport Express) leaves from the very same station as 119 and will get you to the main train station (a terminal station, ~45 minutes) and then take the subway line "C" and go to station Vysehrad (3 stops, ~5 minutes). While it's a bit simpler than the regular line (just one change), the time difference is negligible.

Or you can take a taxi - there are official airport taxis in front of the arrival hall, the route to the hotel should cost ~600 CZK. There have been issues with crooked taxi drivers in the past, but those official taxis are fine, just as the radio taxis (e.g. AAA or ProfiTAXI). A taxi will take 30-45 minutes if there is no traffic - in traffic, it may take much longer.

Finally, if you are staying at the Corinthia, the hotel offers a pickup service at the airport for CZK 750. If you did not book this at the time of reserving your room, you can book it later by emailing Note that this service is only available to those who are staying at the hotel!

Arriving by train

The nearest train station is Hlavni nadrazi (Central station), which is the main train station. If you're going to use a train, this is the station where you want go. Then take the suwbay line "C" from plaform 2 and go to the station Vysehrad (2 stops, ~3 minutes) from platform 2.

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