Sponsorship Logo Guidelines

These are the logo size restrictions for each sponsorship level. The sidebar refers to the far right-hand side of the conference website, and the sponsor page refers to the web page on the conference site listing all the sponsors. Note that bronze sponsors aren't displayed in the sidebar.

Level Sidebar Size Sponsor Page Size
Platinum 200x80 300x120
Gold 150x60 225x90
Silver 125x60 190x75
Bronze N/A 150x60

Here is a visual comparison

Level Sidebar Size Sponsor Page Size
Bronze N/A

This means no logo may exceed any dimension, so a 300x120 logo may not be 320x50, or 280x130. If a sponsor only had a 300x300 logo, it would be scaled so that the height would be 120 as that's the largest it can be within the dimension boundaries.

Platinum Sponsors

2ndQuadrant EnterpriseDB

Gold Sponsors

VMWare Cybertec Servoy

Silver Sponsors

Heroku Dalibo GoodData pgPower

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